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Friday, May 30, 2014

Some Catching Up

I know I haven't posted here for a long time.  Life happens a lot!

I'm still working at DennettWinspear Attorneys at Law and I love it and the people, the ones I work for and with.  In all my working career I have never had such an enjoyable work experience.  My boss, Ryan Dennett, is truly a caring person.  Last April 2013 when I was down sick for over two weeks and had to miss work he never once pressured me about coming to work.  He kept encouraging me to take my time and get better.  And then when I did come back he hired summer help to work with me to get my workload caught up.  I will never be able to express how much that means to me.  I look forward to going to work, which I never really did before. There was always some dread to it. I could stay working with this law firm until I'm not physically or mentally able.  My life has been truly blessed.

That summer help was Heidi Hill.  The whole office became her friend.  She is a very special young woman and is now preparing to leave on a mission to Canada in June.  She has invited us all to her farewell.

That's not to say that there were never good experiences at Cumorah CU.  There were.  I met some wonderful people and there were some good times, times and people I will miss very much, especially some. I wish some relationships were easier to hold onto but it's not to be.  I had kept in touch with my friend Nellie Espinoza but I haven't heard from her for a while. Others I interact with on Facebook some. In some ways it's kind of sad. But I know life cannot stay status quo.

My grandsons are doing great on their missions.  Justin has been out a little over 13 months.  Shelby, his girlfriend, is still waiting and busy planning their wedding. Logan has been out a little over 7 months. Time files so fast.  They are both doing great.

Kerry, my oldest granddaughter, is getting ready to graduate from high school. She is a beautiful young woman. I'm going to try and get some pictures together of her and my grandsons and post them.

My daughter, Becky, is expecting their second child and first son in September.  This will make 10 grandchildren for us. It took them 8 years before she was pregnant with Laila and now Laila will be almost 5 when this little one is born. It is truly a great blessing and a miracle for Becky to be able to have children naturally.  She had to have Laila by C-Section and I think she is going to go ahead and have this second one that way too.  She's still thinking about it.  I plan on taking some time off to help her when the time comes.

I am so blessed in my life. I know my Heavenly Father loves me in spite of my many, many weaknesses. There are some things in my past that I wish I could fix or undo but I know through my Savior's Atonement I can get past them.  I only wish I hadn't hurt people along the way, especially ones I cared so much about.  I am so grateful I can take advantage of the Atonement daily.