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Monday, April 25, 2011

Family & Easter

Yesterday we had all but one of our children and all 9 grandchildren over for our traditional Easter get-together.  Laila, who is the youngest and only 19 months old, had her first Easter Egg hunt in our backyard.  It was fun to watch her as she carried her basket, which was almost as big as she is, out the sliding glass door to the backyard.

She had to sit on her dad's lap while she waited for her mother to get the camera but she didn't mind because she was fascinated with the basked and the shiny grass.

She set her basket on the grass and went in search of the many colored eggs that her mother "hid" in the grass. If you look real close you can see one over to her right.

With the help of Nick and Lauren, two of our other grandchildren, she was able to find all her eggs.

Our grandchildren range from 19 months to 16 years.  Laila is the youngest and the next one closest to her age is Nick who is 9, so there's quite an age gap between the two youngest grandchildren. My daughter, Becky, who is Laial's mother, had a hard time getting pregnant so it took them 8 years to get her.  Becky and her husband, Greg, started adoption proceedings and were just waiting for a baby when she discovered she was pregnanat.  I've heard stories of that happening to other people but I now have first hand experience with it.  It's one of the many tender mercies that we receive in our lives.

I was going to take pictures of our feast before we started in on it but got wrapped up in other things.  However, we had ham, homemade rolls, a couple of potato dishes, Green Bean Casserole, Jello with whipped cream, green salad, deviled eggs and for dessert, Texas sheet cake and chocolate swirl ice cream.  And we all ate way too much but it was delicious.  I love these family get-togethers, not just for the wonderful food but I love having my family around. It makes everything in life so much better.  What would we do without family?

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