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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Matter of Well-Being

I love my new job. I work for Dennett-Winspear Attorneys at Law. Check them out at It’s only a 15-20 minute drive from my home and there’s no freeway drive!  I am the Document Manager. The people I work with are friendly and accepting and I felt at home with them immediately. 
One thing I love about this place is that there is no micro-managing.  They gave me a job to do and they trust me to do it.  And I do it. 
There’s a mixture of personalities, just as in any job, and it makes the place interesting.  The employees have fun, joke and tease but they also take their jobs seriously. I’m not completely sure what the secret is except that everyone is treated with respect and trust.
 According to John Helliwell, author of Globalization and Well-Being and a former professor of Economics at the University of British Columbia, there are 5 factors in the workplace that demonstrate the effect each quality could have on happiness. Each factor was assigned with a dollar value:
·       Trust- equal to a rise in income to $115,000
·       Variety of tasks- equal to a rise in income of $90,000
·       Skills- equal to a rise to $60,000
·       A workplace void of conflicts- equal to a rise of $42,000
·       Time enough to do work assigned- equal to rise of $30,000
According to the results, being content with one’s work environment has a direct relationship to well-being and income. As Helliwell points out, “Ranking your workplace one point higher on a scale of 10 for general job satisfaction raises your well-being by 0.175 on a 10-point scale. That is equivalent to an income increase of about $30,000 per year.”
Wow, I never thought about putting a dollar value to the factors in a workplace but I thought what Mr. Helliwell came up with was very interesting.

So here are the results of using Mr. Helliwell’s factors and adding one of my own:
Ø  Trust - $115,000
Ø  Variety of tasks - $90,000
Ø  Skills - $60,000
Ø  No Conflicts - $42,000
Ø  Time to do work - $30,000
Ø  Well-Being – priceless

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