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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Highest and Holiest Purpose

As I continue my journey through "Broken Things to Mend" I have discovered the highest and holiest purpose of human existence. Jeffrey R. Holland says: "For each of us to 'come unto Christ' (D&C 20:59), to keep His commandments, and to follow His example back to the Father is surely the highest and holiest purpose of human existence. To help others do that as well--to teach, persuade, and prayerfully lead them to walk that path of redemption also--surely that must be the second most significant task in our lives."

I wonder how many miss the meaning of this? I know that I have. I have been selfish in my life.  Actually I think people are all somewhat selfish to some extent.  What if we all embrace our high and holy purpose in life? Wow! That thought would change the world.

The chapter I am reading is actually about teaching effectively.  But I have received another meaning for me as I have read it. I was meeting with a church leader today. We were talking about forgiveness, not only for others but for ourselves.  I discussed how I am struggling to overcome anger that I still have at losing my job last year. Later as I talked with my husband I told him that I realize that I expect to be forgiven but I am not forgiving. I am still harboring feelings that are holding me back. I am not following the Savior's example.  How can I expect to be forgiven, follow Christ and help others if I am not forgiving? So my goal, along with the goal to follow Christ each day, is to let go of those angry feelings.  I never thought I was one to hang onto those kind of feelings but I have. So I have my work cut out for me.

There is so much more in this chapter.  I have only touched on what has inspired me at this time. This book does say "We all need to be touched and nurtured by the Spirit and effective teaching is one of the most important ways this can happen."  If we don't keep Jesus Christ foremost in our lives we cannot have a positive effect on others.  We cannot help ourselves let alone others.

So my goal is to draw myself out from being turned inward and work at embracing our highest and holiest purpose in this life. I need to constantly be willing and ready to reach up when He is reaching down for me.

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  1. Good morning my dear. You continue to amaze me.
    I really enjoyed your blog today. It naturally filled my head with a great many thoughts. I love your desire to not only improve but to excel in the area of forgiveness. You as so right we cannot expect to be forgiven, if we ourselves do not forgive. When we hold on to the past [especially the negative stuff] we actually stifle our eternal progress.
    Let’s make a pact that we will stretch and reach upward everyday in an effort for us to become closer to our Father in Heaven. Have a Marvelous Monday!
    Love Always and Forever