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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rejoice with your family!

Today the process started of moving my daughter, Becky, and her husband, Greg, and my granddaughter, Laila, out of the home we've shared for almost eight years.  They bought a home that is less than 5 minutes away so that is a plus. The home we are in is too big for just Dean and I so after some discussion our oldest son, Drew, his wife, Chris and our grandchildren, Justin, Lauren and Nickolas, will be moving in with us.  Needless to say things have been quite hectic since this process started.

Laila will be two on September 9th. She was born on 09/09/09.  She has been in this home from the beginning of her life.  I have seen her get up almost every morning and kissed her goodnight almost every night. She has been a delight to watch develop and grow.  I'd forgotten how much children grow and change in such a short time.  She is already counting to 10 and knows a lot of her letters.  I am amazed at how smart she is.  She calls Dean, Papa, because she can't say grandpa and she calls me Maka, because that's how grandma came out of her mouth. 

She got to ride her first horse today.  Our neighborhood had a community party.  Famous Daves catered to it.  There is nothing better than Famous Daves, at least in my opinion. They had a little petting zoo, horses to ride and one of those big enclosed bouncer things, whatever they are called.  Anyway Becky walked with Laila while she rode on one of the little horses. Her horses name was Coco.

Of course when the ride was done she didn't want to get off.  She kept saying "Coco". 

As this change is taking place I feel we are starting a new era in our life.  We will now have 3 grandchildren living with us.  Nick is 9, Lauren is 12 and Justin is 16.  All our children and grandchildren are people to be proud of.  Their parents have raised them well.  It will be nice to have the older children around because their parents make sure they help out.  In fact I believe I will never have to mow another lawn.   Below is Drew and his family.

And this is our Son Marc and his wife Diane, thier children Logan, Kerry, Cutler, Daphny and Autmn.

Here is Greg, Becky and Laila.

And here is our son, Benji (he is called Ben at work) and his girlfriend Jennifer.

I will miss Laila's goodnight kisses and hugs when she wraps her little arms around me. However, as I mentioned before they are less than 5 minutes away and I can stop by after work if I want to get a "Laila fix".  I will also miss having Becky and Greg around. Greg is a good son-in-law and Becky a wonderful daughter.  I'm so grateful that she was able to find Greg for her eternal companion.

Family is  wonderful and I'm so fortunate to have them all so close. Albert Einstein said, "Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!" Everyone should hold thier family close and rejoice with them.  Oh how I love my family!

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  1. My Love, good morning and thanks for breakfast. The food was delicious, but what made so wonderful was the exquisite company I dined with. I so LOVE YOU !!
    I too have been reflecting on the happiness I/we receive from the association we are blessed with from our family immediate and extended. What a treat to be able to have so much interaction with them. I am humbled by how supportive they are.
    Talk about support, you my dear are at the top of the list. I am who I am and where I am because of you. Thanks you so very much for sharing YOU with me. I have been changed, no transformed into a better person. You are truly my Very Best Friend!!!
    I Love You and cherish the knowledge that we will always be together.
    Always and Forever