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Monday, July 25, 2011

Forever and Always

Today is mine and Dean’s 42nd wedding anniversary.  Wow! 42 years.  When I was younger I thought I would be dead before I reached this point.  To my surprise I’m still here!
We were married on July 25, 1969 in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints temple in St. George Utah.

St. George Utah Mormon Temple

I remember how far it seemed to be to drive there.  Now it seems like nothing.
My wedding day was memorable in a lot of ways.  I lived in Henderson Nevada with my parents until I married Dean.  I spent the night before our wedding with Dean’s family so that he wouldn’t have to get up so early and drive to Henderson to get me.  He spent the night at our apartment.  I didn’t sleep much that night.  Evidently Dean didn’t either.  He had a few last minute things to do, one of which was to wash our car. So he didn’t get to bed until early morning, maybe 1:00. He had his alarm set to get up at 4:00 am.  We were planning on leaving around 5:00 am to head to Utah. Nothing has changed much in the sleep department over the last 42 years.  Dean still puts sleep off doing other things.
Dean had planned on getting up and picking me up at 5:00.  However 5:00 came and went and no Dean.  So we went to the apartment.  He was still asleep.  We had to knock on the door and windows to wake him up.  He was ready in record time. Well, almost ready.  He was dressed.  However, he needed to put his tie on and, if my memory serves me correctly, he needed to do up his sleeves.  That day I learned something more about Dean.  He was, and still is, a multi-tasker when it comes to driving a car.
Well I was thinking he could do those two things, tie his tie and do up his sleeves, when we got to St. George.  Just a side note, this was pre-freeway, so we had to go over what we called Utah Hill. It was a narrow two lane road that wound around the hill or small mountain. So instead of waiting to take care of his last minute dressing needs, he chose to do them while he was driving.  I will never forget that day. He was driving the car with his knee, tying his tie and doing up his sleeves.  All the while, I’m wanting to reach over and drive for him. Ah, the memories.
As I’m sure many new brides do, I’ve forgotten a lot about that day. 42 years is a long time to try and remember details and if I were good at keeping a journal then the details would be easier. I do remember the feeling I had when we held hands as we knelt at the altar. We were married for time and eternity. What a wonderful feeling that was!
Now 5 children, 9 grandchildren, a lot of laughter and tears and 42 years later here we are.  Still married and loving it.  We’ve definitely had our joy and our sorrows, moments to rejoice and moments to cry. But from the first time I met Dean I knew he was the one that I was meant to be with for eternity.
Our bodies and minds are getting older along with all the aches and pains.  But our spirits are eternal.  And someday when we are resurrected our bodies will be also.
I’m grateful for the knowledge that we can be together with our family forever. We’ve had to work at this marriage, sometimes more than others.  But it has been worth it. I appreciate all that Dean has done for me and given me and all that he still does.  I know he loves me and that means the world to me, to have the knowledge of that love.  Through our trials and challenges (opportunities), when I stopped and remembered that love, I could keep going.
Thank you, dear Dean, for all your love.  I will love you eternally and thank the Lord every day for you.


  1. Happy Anniversary mom and dad! Thank you for being such a great example of what an enternal marriage really is. If only more people would realize that marriage is a thing they need to work at then there would be more marriages that last as long as your has. Being married can be wonderful and full of happy times but there are also times of challenges. I'm greatful to see such a wonderful example in my parents of staying together and working through life no matter what happens.

    Love you guys lots!

  2. Thank you Becky! I am so grateful for you and am grateful for the good husband and wonderful little girl you have. Marriage is wonderful. A lot if people miss out if they give up too easily. Anything worthwhile takes a lot of work. I love you too!

  3. My Dearly Beloved, thank you for the kind words, but know this what WE have, WE created TOGETHER! WE possess the synergy as a couple, and because of that, WE are who WE are and WE will survive through; thick n thin, good n bad, ups n downs, ins n outs, highs n lows, and this n that. You are truly and eternally my one, my best friend, my life, my LOVE, Thank You so very much.
    I Love You and cherish the knowledge that we will be together.
    Always and Forever