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Monday, October 10, 2011

Something I Like

This will be short.  I'm realizing that I'm not that good at blogging. 

Friday, October 7th, my boss brought me some ground venison, venison steaks and elk steaks. 

Whoa that picture turned out big!  Anyway I love venison! I grew up with a father that went deer hunting every year and would usually bring home a deer. My mother would bottle it for future use.  I have not had venison since I was a youth or at least I think that's the last time.  I'm getting older and my memory is fading.  Anyway I made venison chili and oh my! It was good and brought back so many memories of my parents and my youth. Dean loved it and even Drew, my oldest son, loved it. There's a little left in the fridge so if no one gets to it before I do tonight that is what I'm having for dinner.  I've heard elk is even better so I need to find a good recipe for elk steaks.

I think, though, more than eating the venison again after all these years, I appreciated the memories. The memories of my dad being gone for the deer hunt and waiting for him to bring the deer home.  The memory of the smell and look of the kitchen as my mother pressure cooked the bottles of venison. And just the memories of my parents.  Oh how I miss them.

It is 10 years this month that my dad passed away. It was a bitter sweet time.  It's always sad to have a loved one pass away.  But my dad missed my mom so much and I know their reunion was so sweet.  I know they are both busy in the spirit world doing whatever they need to do. I love the knowledge that I will see them again.


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  1. The Venison Chili, was delightful and I also had a “Total Recall” experience. I was not as fortunate as Gladys on the frequency of enjoying the taste of venison. As I sat with my best friend and savored the memories and the taste of the meal, which was delicious, I found it appropriate to offer a heartfelt prayer for the rich blessings our Father in Heaven has seen fit to bestow upon me. All things considering, life is good.
    Gladys, I Love You and cherish the knowledge that we will be together.
    Always and Forever