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Friday, April 22, 2011

Each New Day

Many years ago I decided that I wanted to look at each day as a new adventure, expecting something special and/or exciting to happen each day.  It’s fun to look at each new day like that. But in the last couple of years I started to lose that perspective. These last two years have been difficult for me to look at each day that way. 
I worked at a job for almost 15 years.  I loved the job and I loved the people I worked with.  I had my goals all set that I would retire from that job when I turn 70.  Then a few of my fellow employees who I worked with for 10 plus years and whom I considered my good friends  started leaving.  These friends consisted of people who I considered partners, a mentor and teacher and people who would listen to me and I could listen to them. I was so comfortable with how things were, enjoying every minute, that I was not ready for the changes that were about to happen. 
I know change is inevitable. But so much change happened. At the end of 2009 a merger took place and my job was no longer the same.  And in May of 2010 I was let go from that job.
I am 60.  I have a high school education.  My knowledge of my job was from experience. When I started looking for a job I found that perspective employers looked at me one of two ways, I was either over qualified because of the positions I held and my experience or I was not qualified because I did not have a college degree. I started to lose perspective and belief in myself.
One thing I lost track of was my faith in my Savior Jesus Christ.  Through this last year I have done a lot of soul searching and realized that he is the one person that never left my side and that I could count on.  I’ve done a lot of praying and talking with my husband and church leaders.  These things have helped me gain my perspective back.  But I attribute all I have to my Savior. He has helped me and is still helping me and will continue to help me, even when I don’t deserve it.
So now each day has become a new adventure again.  Something special happens every day, big or small. But it happens. And I am grateful.


  1. Gladys, my heart breaks for you... because I know exactly how you have been effected. I completely agree that this has not been an easy time and that we must rely on the Lord to carry us through.

    Just last week I was finally told that things would never be the same again for us. I had pushed that thought away for a long time and to hear it out loud was striking in more ways than one. The verbalization, however, helped me to come to terms with reality and realize that even though 'things' would never be the same, the people will be and the Lord will be. Those things have never and will never change.

    Thank you for your thoughts and for the part you have played in helping me grow up.

  2. Thanks again Brit. By the way, I like your blog. It's fun to read.