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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Prom

I know I just made a post this morning but I wanted to do a short post about my grandsons and their prom and show them off. They are such great young men.

My two oldest grandsons, Logan and Justin, went to their first prom on Saturday, April 30th. They went in a group of five couples. They were so handsome in their prom outfits. They all decided to do a very colorful array of clothing. They started the day with breakfast at a friends and then went on a hike to Redrock. Later in the day they dressed up and had their pictures taken. They also went on a helicopter ride over the city.

From the looks of these pictures it appears they had a lot of fun. It’s wonderful to see young people having clean, wholesome fun. It can be done. Logan, who is the oldest, is the one in black and Justin, who is 5 weeks younger than Logan, is in blue.

I'm so grateful for these two wonderful young men.  They are leading the way for all the younger grandchildren.  And they are doing a great job!

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