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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A tribute to my mother

I decided to make my Mother's Day post early because Mother's Day will be very busy and I wanted to have time to do this. As mentioned in my profile I am a mother of 5. I love being a mother.  And I love being a grandmother. I also love and adore my mother.  She is no longer here on earth but I feel her presence around me many times. I decided to honor my mother with an old song called “Mother”.  I’m not going to sing it (for which you should be grateful) but I am going to break it down more than the song does.  So here goes.
“M is for the many things she gave me”
I’m sure I don’t realize all that my mother did for me and sacrificed for me.  Being a mother myself I know a lot goes into motherhood.  I don’t think we truly appreciate our mothers until we either are older or have become a mother ourselves. I am eternally grateful for her sacrifices for me.
“O means only that she’s growing old”
My mother was 77 when she died.  In my mind that is not old. Especially the older I get. My mother was young at heart. She loved her children and grandchildren and loved it when they came to visit.  It was a highlight in her life.
“T is for the tears she shed to save me” 
I’m sure my mother shed tears in prayer for each of her children. And I know she watches over us from heaven, praying for us and probably still shedding some tears for us and the mistakes we are making. But she has hope for us because she knows our worth.
“H is for her heart of purest gold”
Oh yes, my mother’s heart was pure gold.  She loved us unconditionally.  She loved everyone unconditionally.  She was quick to forgive and forget.
“E is for her eyes with lovelight shining” 
You could see the love in my mother’s eyes.  She loved and adored her family. She always looked forward to a visit from any of us and was sad to see us go.
“R means right and right she’ll always be” 
I believe that my mother was as perfect as a person could be in this life when she died. 
“Put them all together they spell Mother, a word that means the world to me.”
The last 5 months of her life she could not express her love or thoughts verbally.  But she expressed them through her smile and eyes. Even the nurses that were helping take care of her would talk about her smile and how they loved it.
I will forever be indebted to my wonderful mother.  I cannot repay her for all she did for me.  I can, however, strive to be the mother and person that she would want me to be so I can be with her and my Heavenly Mother when I leave this world.
If your mother is still alive, tell her you love her and how much you appreciate her while you can.  They leave us all too soon.
Below are some pictures of my mother. 

One of my aunts thinks she is wearing part of her brother, Paul's, uniform in this picture.

She was a beautiful woman inside and out.

She was a wonderful mother.

This is one of our picnics in Boulder City.

This is my mom, her parents and brothers and sisters. My mother is on the front row, second one from the left.


  1. Gladys you have a blog! YEAH! :) Love the poem, and you're right ... we never realize how hard our Mom's work for us until we are one ourselves.

  2. Hi Kira, glad you visited. You may have noticed but I have a link to your blog on mine. Say hi to Ryan for me.

  3. Love this! Thanks for such a fitting tribute to our mom!