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Monday, September 12, 2011

Grandchildren: Chapter 2

September 9th was my youngest grandchild, Laila's, birthday. She turned two.  Yes, she was born on 09/09/09. I guess you can say that is her claim to fame.  Laila is a little angel.  She is extremely smart. She knows most of her letters, knows how to count at least to 11 or 12 and recognizes most her numbers. She is extremely expressive for a 2 year old. She talks up a storm and makes everyone laugh to listen to her talk. Some of it you understand, some not, but usually you get the idea of what she needs you to know.

Her mother reads to her every night and Laila loves books.  She also loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Tinkerbell, coloring, playing with her stickers, puzzles, horses, climbing in and out of things, cupboards and drawers and what's in them and so many other things.

Laila had a very cute birthday cake.

She and Winnie the Pooh enjoyed her cake.

The it came time to open presents. Holy cow there's a lot of presents!

She had a ball opening her birthday presents. This first one is an afghan I made for her.  Her bedroom is purple so I made it to match.

Other presents:

She calls me Maka and Dean papa.  She couldn't say grandma and grandpa clearly and so that's how they came out of her mouth.

Everytime she leaves our house after visiting she has to have three or four of us walk her to the car.  I understand she does that when she visits other relatives homes too. She also loves hugs and kisses and usually gets and gives quite a few and she already has an endless imagination.

She is a delightful addition to our growing family.  I don't think we are done yet as Becky and Greg would like to have more.  Grandchildren are indeed a great blessing.

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  1. Let me just say that I love all my children and grand children with equal portions of Love and Affection. I must admit that each one has a certain trait that stands out and truly identifies them as unique individuals. Having never finished college I have used my brawn to carve out the financial needs of my family most of my life. When my kids were young there were times that I had “3” different jobs to insure that my wife could stay home and tend to caring for our greatest investment, our children. When a person works all the time they are not around to witness and enjoy children as they develop into responsible young people.
    For the above mentioned facts and opinions I feel that having Laila in our home for almost all of her first “2” years of life was truly a blessing. I thoroughly felt special and will never forget all those experiences. I am amazed at how fast they develop a character, personality, sense of humor and various attitudes.
    Laila took great pleasure in unwrapping her gifts, and quickly took protective custody of her new belongings. It is so darn much fun watching her do most everything. Like all the others she has the ability to steal your heart, and we gladly let them. As stated earlier I LOVE my Family, life would be so empty without them.
    I Love You and cherish the knowledge that we will be together.
    Always and Forever