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Monday, January 30, 2012

Grandchildren Chapter 5

January 28, 2012 my 3rd oldest grandaughter, Daphny Dee Leavitt, turned 12. In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,12 is the magic age to be able to attend the Young Women and Young Men group. Daphny attended her first Young Womens meeting yesterday, Sunday January 29th. I can't believe how mature she is getting. She has turned into a lovely young woman.

I'm stealing pictures from her Facebook page because, I'm either neglectful or getting old and forgetful and forgot to take pictures yesterday when we celebrated her birthday at her home. However these pictures are taken within this last year.

Daphny is a sweet young lady.  She is quiet and thoughtful and shy

but she is also full of love and fun.

I love it when she sends messages to me via Facebook.  Sometimes it's just to say hi and maybe "talk" a little and sometimes it's to check to see what her cousin Lauren is doing.

Daphny has a soft place in her heart for animals, as do I.  It hurts her to think of any animal being hurt even a little bit.  It brings her to tears.

She is thoughtful, concerned and kind.  She has a little cousin named Caleb who has cancer.  She posted this as he Facebook photo:

She, along with so many other people, are praying and hoping for this little boy.

I love Daphny and am enjoying her grow up.

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