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Monday, May 16, 2011

To Know Who I Am

As I continue to read “Broken Things To Mend” I’m very appreciative of the words Elder Holland says when he is talking to the women in this book. He says, “I want you to be proud you are a woman, I want you to feel the reality of what that means, to know who you truly are.”
I wonder how many women in this world know who they truly are.  I know I struggle each day with my identity as a daughter of God.  I struggle with self esteem constantly. So I appreciate when Elder Holland states “You are literally a spirit daughter of heavenly parents with a divine nature and an eternal destiny.” He goes on to say, “Your Father in Heaven knows your name and knows your circumstance. He hears your prayers.  He knows your hopes and dreams, including your fears and frustrations. And He knows what you can become through faith in Him.”
That is an awesome thought, that God knows who I am and he knows what I can become.  My challenge is, then, to know what I can become.   How do I find what I can become?  How do I gain that vision?
Elder Holland states, “For you to fully claim Heavenly Father’s blessings and protection, we ask you to stay true to the standards of the gospel of Jesus Christ and not slavishly follow the whims of fads and fashions.”
These statements apply to all women of all ages.  I think sometimes I forgot to keep learning who I am and what I can become. There are so many things in life that sidetrack us.  I know I let many things get in my way of realizing my full potential.
This all goes along with this quote, “Never mind searching for who you are.  Search for the person you aspire to be.  ~Robert Brault,”
It is my challenge to search and learn who I can aspire to be and need to be.


  1. You are a wonderful person. I love you so much!

  2. Thank you anonymous! That's always nice to hear.

  3. My dear sweet wife I Love You more each day and marvel at the talents you have been blessed with. Thanks for sharing and brightening my every day.
    Love Always and Forever